Chris Harris refers to the Mercedes AMG GT Black Series as having ‘Mansory looks'

Does he have a point?

42w ago

After not being invited to the press launch of the brand new Mercedes AMG GT Black Series, Chris Harris shares his thoughts on the new car over on Twitter and he doesn't care what others think.

Harris has never been shy of sharing his true feelings and thoughts over certain cars and as a journalist that's his job and he should be respected for that. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and these are his on Mercedes' latest track-focussed monster.

Chris refers to the new AMG GT Black Series as having 'Mansory looks and a silly pricetag' and he is right to an extent. I suppose the new Black Series does appear rather theatrical in the way it looks and it is priced astronomically high at £355,000 - which is a lot for a Mercedes but in order to compete with the big boys from other manufacturers, it had to look like this and cost this much, I suppose.

So yes, there is method to his madness but I wouldn't say AMG is 'rudderless'. A lot of manufacturers are heading in this direction and I guess it's just one of the ways to stay afloat in uncertain times like these.

Do you agree with Chris Harris?

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Comments (23)

  • I completely agree with him!

      9 months ago
    • Same...

      In my list of dream cars this is not in the top 10. Not even top 50.

      It's actually in my "look at me... LOOK AT ME!!" Superhyperwhatever attention whore list.

        9 months ago
  • It looks like Zurg from Toy Story

      9 months ago
  • Not hard not to when there are better "final-form" cars in the super-sports tier. Plus it also feeds into his slow-burning reservations with latre 2010s supercars.

      9 months ago
  • I guess people will vote with their wallets, rich people that is. We’ll know if it quietly disappears in a year or so that nobody liked it. It’s not my taste but I’ve never met a millionaire who cared what I thought.

      9 months ago
  • I’d rather have this than a Porsche GT product, will hold its value better too. Someone might need to lend me £355k though!

      9 months ago