Chris Harris starts Twitter beef with YouTuber on GR Yaris project

The 'influencer' is using his fame to get free stuff from Litchfield...

42w ago

Ever since Toyota unveiled the GR Yaris late last year, it has felt like every single 'influencer' and YouTuber has bought one and it has lead to some beef involving Chris Harris.

Harris isn't shy to share his opinion on things that annoy him, and this is no exception. He tweeted saying: 'An influencer just offered my pal @Litchfield_UK the chance for him to put suspension on his Yaris GR for free and pay him £25k for the privilege, plus a percentage of future sales. He knows who he is. Might tell you his name one day. Shameful.'

This is suggesting that said influencer is wanting free suspension from the well-loved Litchfield tuning company as well as £25,000 for the 'pleasure' of working with him and discount for future purchases. This is a little cheeky and a perfectly valid reply from Chris.

It is unknown who this 'influencer' (otherwise known as 'influenza') is, but it has been confirmed it isn't Shmee150 as his manager Marc Rutten has explicitly said: 'It is not @Shmee150. We would never ask such a thing. What James has done here, is a disgrace to our community. First he steals the idea of our successful Red RS project, then he sees our Yaris project & decides he can ask this kind of money at our friends at @Litchfield_UK.'

There are however rumours going around saying it is MRJWW (who Shmee's manager calls out in his tweet) who has recently aquired one as a project car and unveiled his plans for it in a recent YouTube video. But other YouTubers who have bought one are Archie Hamilton and Mat Watson from CarWow.

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  • the greatest rivalries of all time, a thread:

    Messi v Ronaldo

    Senna v Prost

    Tupac v Biggie

    Chris Harris v YouTuber

      9 months ago
  • C'mon admit it.

      9 months ago
    • Okay okay, but was the one who asked for the money. Also if it were me, I’d use an Allegro not a Yaris.

        9 months ago
    • I knew it. And also I know that you weren't the evil brain behind this, he talked you into it.

        9 months ago
  • Getting more and more respect for Mr. Harris!

      9 months ago
    • Chris is a legend, the new top gear would be so much better if he could do what he wanted with who he wanted.

        9 months ago
    • Only watched TG because of him. All the other ones are (have been) clowns.

        9 months ago
  • I have my doubts that it’s JWW. People are ignoring the fact that he said this mystery influencer copied the red RS project. JWW never owned a Focus or even an RS. James is a very common name, it could well be someone else. Regardless, JWW has always been a person of good character (publicly) and it would be a shame if he is indeed the culprit.

      9 months ago
    • Exactly

        9 months ago
    • I absolutely agree, James wouldn’t do that. Not with his knowledge of corporate dealings as with Michelin. If he was that sort of person, Michelin would have chewed him up and spat him out long ago. Also shout out for JWW featuring in the...

      Read more
        9 months ago
  • Pillock.

      9 months ago