Christian's 'Which Drivetriber are you?' quiz only it's been done properly.

I talked to people (which is quite out of character) and so here is the remixed version of Christian something or other's which drivetriber are you quiz. Better because I am an option from the start😁. All YOU have to do is pick a response to each statement or scneario. EnJoY!

You're in a fight:

  • Oooh let's chat!
  • Ima punch and insult the sh** out of the other guy.
  • Go on the offensive.
  • No matter, I'll destroy everyone with my special ARMOURED VAN!!!
  • Beat the guy and tea-bag him....
  • How did I get here?
  • Lemme talk 'em down
  • WTF u doin mate?!.
  • P*ss on the other guy's head obviously.
  • Try to work it out as peacefully as possible.
  • If there's nobody watching, hit him. Otherwise walk away.

Your life motto is:

  • "If you hurt an animal, you might find yourself without a head..."
  • I tend to disappoint and find great pleasure in doing so...
  • Deez nuts.
  • If they stand behind u give them protection If they stand beside u give them respect If they stand against u, no mercy.
  • No blood pressure?? Be happy!
  • It's ok to be a glowstick, sometimes we need to break to shine.
  • If in doubt, go flat out and do some powerslides!
  • Believe in yourself and you can accomplish anything.
  • Live, drive, laugh, get f******.
  • I don't know, get on with it.
  • If you ain't first, you're last!
  • Keep your moral compass pointed straight.

There's a man with an axe chasing you through a forest!!!!

  • Run onto a road so he gets hit by a Tesla.
  • OH GOD NO!
  • Does he wanna chat?
  • Climb up a tree and beat him with a stick.
  • Find something to defend myself with.
  • Kill him with a stone.
  • *RUN*
  • Use the force!
  • Get a chainsaw cuz it's the 21st century and CHASE HIM!
  • Get in a Volvo and drive off.

You dream about:

  • I can't really say...
  • Meeting someone I care about in a few years time.
  • I dream about my sister's fat ass ex boasting about his remote control Saab.
  • Having superpowers of course!!!!
  • A Ford Mustang cruising on the coast.
  • Boys.
  • Marriage.
  • Pokemon battles!
  • Having a starfighter with a hyperdrive!!!!!!
  • Girlfriend...

You're on your DREAM vacation.....where?

  • It's New Zealand for me.
  • Postcard perfect Scandinavia.
  • I'd be going to Japan for sure.
  • I'd like the sunny Caribbean.
  • London City!!! (or beautiful Ireland idk)
  • Stuttgart, Germany.
  • Hollywood baby!
  • Wonderful Amsterdam.
  • Netherlands for a Porsche 911 Roadtrip.
  • Journey through the Alps and then onto the French Riviera for me.

Your best quality:

  • I'm always joking.
  • I care about others.
  • I'm an annoying smartass.
  • I love my sense of humour.
  • I'm good to animals!
  • I'm really weird.....I mean unique of course!
  • I'm pretty quiet.
  • I have empathy.
  • I think I'm intelligent...
  • I'm kind?

In ten years time you'll be:

  • A Kalos Champion!
  • A sith lord😈
  • A pilot.
  • Engineering the future of hydrogen cars.
  • Decent job in a solitary science lab lol.
  • Livin' in a flat.
  • Dead
  • A MASTER technician, or maybe even retired who knows?
  • Tata Motors' head designer.

Your car has broken down in the middle of nowhere, what do you do?

  • Fix it MYSELF
  • Punch the steering wheel.
  • Kick it.
  • Hit the engine with a hammer and move on.
  • Drive a more reliable car.
  • Remember it's a classic Jaaaaaag and smile
  • Call the family.
  • Reassure the poor thing that everything will be alright...
  • Make sure the car is completely off and diagnose the engine to check for problems.
  • Call the tow truck and get to work.

You're at the club:

  • Must avoid british beer.
  • So?
  • White wine please!
  • Let's have a cocktail!
  • WATER.
  • Ok I'm leaving.
  • WTF am i doing here? I've gotta get out.
  • Mmm this tequila tastes great.
  • No I'm most certainly not.
  • Bottoms up when I first met you🎶

You most enjoy:

  • C a r s !
  • Cars. Simple.
  • Travelling✈️
  • TV, duh.
  • The liberty of driving
  • Spending time with girlfriend
  • Success
  • Being with animals.
  • Annoying everyone for the benefit of my own entertainment

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