Christine GZ at the 24 Horas TT de Fronteira in Portugal

Christine GZ will be Racing with an All-Female Race Team this Weekend in the wildest race yet! A 24 Hour Edurance Off-Road Circuit Race!

2y ago

Christine GZ, an Octane Warrior Loaded for Bear with Steel Nerves and Lead Feet

Ambition must be a natural supplement for human stamina. Less than a week after racing across the Baja California desert at the 2018 Baja 1000 Christine is already traveling across the globe to her next race. The 24 Horas TT Vila de Fronteira, aka the 24 Hours Fronteira Portugal, an endurance raid on an off-road circuit track hosted in the small town of Fronteira in the Alentejo Region of Portugal. This event will have up to 90 teams, and 400 drivers, in a wide range of vehicle classes on an off road circuit track for 24 hours.

We’ve all heard of the 24 of LeMans, but the main difference between these two events is terrain. Running race cars on a street track won’t wear down the pavement. You get herds of high horsepower off-road machines to tackle an off-course for a few hours and the changes will be dramatic. This will be close quarters endurance racing, off-road. A bare knuckle, fury road, race. It is dangerous, fast, and challenging, which means our steel blonde lead driver Christine GZ cannot wait to get to the start line. Christine will be making the Dynamic Racing team proud while racing for MRacing at this event. MRacing will be driven by all-female racers: Isabella Patissier, Ligia Albuquerque, Jessye Murat, and Christine G Zonca. (How cool is that?)

The 24 Horas TT Vila de Fronteira will be held November 29th- December 2nd.

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