Christine GZ Teams Up with Renegade Products USA

A partnership between Professional Racer Christine GZ and Renegade Products USA will be an international collaboration.

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International off-road/rally pro-racing driver Christine GZ recently announced a new partnership with Renegade Products USA. A collaboration with plans to bridge the gap between North America and Europe in more ways than one. This partnership has been several months in the making since Renegade Products USA first met Christine GZ at the 2019 Mint 400 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Renegade Products USA is a reliable manufacturer of automotive detailing and cleaning supplies to keep every vehicle from daily drivers to weekend warriors looking showroom fresh. Based in Southern California, Renegade's products have been used to buff and shine tractor-trailers, off-road recreational vehicles, and enthusiast rides since founded in 2014. Renegade is just one of several sibling companies providing a quality product line. Maverick Abrasives provides polishing and woodworking supplies, and Combat Abrasives supplies industrial sand belts and custom knife handles.

I reached out to Rami Arayn, President of Maverick Abrasives and Renegade Products USA, and during a phone interview, I asked him what made him decide to work with Christine GZ.

"Her high energy and online presence on social media originally caught my attention. Christine is not just a very skillful racing driver; she has a natural talent for online marketing. Christine is a person of the highest quality. We, Renegade, strive to associate ourselves with people who are the best." Said Rami. 

Due to the effects of Covid-19, motorsport events worldwide have been delayed and canceled since the early days of 2020. In the last months of the year, we are starting to see signs of light at the end of the pandemic tunnel.

Christine GZ hopes to start racing again as soon as possible with Renegade Products USA providing support. This partnership plans to be mutually beneficial for both parties. Renegade will support Christine GZ in upcoming racing events. At the same time, Christine will help introduce Renegade's range of automotive detailing products to a new European market.

Details as to what kind of projects this new collaboration will develop have not been disclosed. For the publication I was able to interview Christine GZ. I asked how she felt to be working with Renegade Products USA.

"It's always a welcome sign of positivity when someone believes in you and wants to build a strong partnership. I am excited to start the 2021 racing year with Renegade by my side and demonstrate our potential together!" Said Christine. 

Pro Racing Driver Christine GZ

Pro Racing Driver Christine GZ

There are several months on the 2020 calendar, with motoring events still on schedule. Follow Christine GZ, and Renegade Motorsports, to stay current on when GZ will suit up next. Many people are hoping 2021 will be the start of a return trip to normal. For Christine GZ, the year brings optimism and fresh fueled ambition to continue her dream to race.

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