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Christmas gifts for your car

'Tis the season for giving, and what greater way of showing your appreciation than gifting your most cherished companion a holiday surprise?

1y ago

Shalom and welcome! As the Christmas season is soon coming to a climax, I figured it's about time to shine some light on your perhaps neglected friend. You've bought gifts for your family, friends & loved ones, but have you bought anything for your car? If you haven't, here's a short list of items to give some inspiration to your most likely delayed Christmas shopping.

1. Steering wheels

The steering wheel, the most hands-on thing in your car (assuming you're not driving with Bill Cosby) and one that can change your entire interior experience. Are you tired of thinking your wheel is too big, ugly, cluttered or cracked? Then buying an off-market one would be a great choice. Regardless if you like big, small, wooden, leathery, square, flashy, minimal or race like wheels, there is one out there for you!

2. Seats

The fact that you spend 100% of your time sitting down when in the car should suggest that a good driver's seat is essential. Sadly though most manufacturers don't give half a fornication about your bottom nor your comfort when driving your precious car. This is where an aftermarket seat fills the gaps. Comfort, style, and let us not forget about safety are components of a good seat. And if you have intentions of doing racing with your car some events even require an FIA certified seat, so you would need to fit one regardless.

3. Gearknobs

Before you jump in the comments and bash on me for not including baseball, skull-shaped, eightball or dildo gear knobs. They exist, but unless you like dressing in leopard skinned crocs and tie-dye scarves, I highly doubt you would be interested. If you, however, see yourself criticizing the feel of your cars gear knob or fancy something sportier than look no further.

4. Brakes

Brake Calipers, pads and rotors play a huge part in the way your car performs. A good brake kit can not only shave entire seconds off of your lap times, but they can also massively improve the feeling of your car. A good brake set will make your car feel more direct and predictable. And if you need other excuses to get them, red callipers look amazing and you'll feel safer!


Wheels! One of the most fun things to put on your car as it changes the appearance immediately and can make for better proportions of your car compared to stock. But beyond aesthetics, it can also improve performance as stock wheels tend to be on the heavier side and therefor put more strain on the springs, if you, however, go for the lighter alloy wheels then that strain will be reduced resulting in better performance. And if your stock wheels are warped, dented or if they have begun rusting then a new set of alloys would be a great choice!

6. Coilovers

Perhaps a bit on the expensive side, the Coilover still remains a great option when improving your cars handling and cornering ability. A fairly straight forward modification that can improve both the looks of the car and the car's performance. With coilovers, you'll have the ability to raise or lower the car's height (great for different seasons or for when your car sits too high), and when choosing the Coilover you can also differ between different spring rates resulting in a more customizable car. A great addition for most cars and a terrific gift!

7. Touch up

What do you think?

Will you be gifting your car anything special this year or will you leave it to its own devices? Do you have different gift ideas for your car? If so I'd love to hear about it in the comments!

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Comments (10)

  • You forget the most important gift... Tires!

      1 year ago
    • Fair point! But atleast in Sweden you have to have already gone over to winter tires for the season legally so I assumed most people already had.

        1 year ago
  • You also need a cover for winter time:)

    Merry x-mas

      1 year ago
  • What a great article! Any special inspiration? What's on your car gift list?

      1 year ago