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Christmas Quiz: Can you name these 5 rides in their blankets

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Winter storage is a mission but done well it can save you hours and pounds come the next time you want to start your car. Time is short and you don't want to spend the precious hours trying to get your car started or cleaned when you want to be driving so its always a great idea to invest time before setting the car aside. Off site storage is great but who's to say when your next available moment to drive may be? What if in the night you have a urge to hit the road ? Or if we have an unseasonally nice weekend ? Thats why Testa Veloce runs a concierge service for cars based at their homes in and around central London and suburbs. We understand owners are busy and we offer peace of mind that your car is safe and healthy and ready to go when you need it. All in situ. Let us know if you would like our service this winter. In the mean time here is a quiz for you. Can you name these cars in their covers ? Answer in the comments:

Car 1 : Make and model ?

Car 2: Make is a touch obvious, model shouldn't be too hard but what version ?

Car 3: Tough one this. Make and model ?

Car 4: The hard one... Make only required !

Car 5: Easier one to finish on

Winter isn't the only reason to wrap up your car when in a garage, there are plenty of other benefits for a cover. Shame I don't know this owner as their in vogue C4S is getting a serious dusting and is in need of a bed bath ! Hopefully they are on DriveTribe....

Call me !

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