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Chrysler made Air Raid Sirens?

You've never heard a HEMI quite like this before, and for your sake, you really don't want to.

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It's always interesting to see an automaker's name where you wouldn't expect it, like Mitsubishi on a projector screen television. You're likely to see automaker's names on military equipment, or more recently on facemasks and ventilators. For the uninformed, a car is made up of a bunch of parts, some of them move, some of them shake, and some of them do a thing. Sometimes though, a car part can be used for more than its intended purpose, which is really handy when all of a sudden the government approaches them for a favor.

Photo: gsjansen/Flickr

Photo: gsjansen/Flickr

The Chrysler Air Raid Siren is the product of a collaboration between Chrysler Corporation and Bell Laboratories to create an effective warning system for wartime. The first iteration, the Chrysler-Bell Victory Siren, was used in World War 2 as an effective means of clearing fog for allied aircraft as the soundwaves were so powerful that they would cause the water molecules to clump together and fall to the ground as rain.

Photo by Bleakcomb on Wikimedia Commons

Photo by Bleakcomb on Wikimedia Commons

The second iteration, which came powered by a 5.4-liter Chrysler FirePower V8 (also known as the first generation HEMI), and allegedly holds the record for the loudest siren...in the world. Appropriately nicknamed "the big red whistle" the Chrysler Air Raid Siren produces 138 dB at 100 feet, and served as the primary air raid warning system for many metropolitan cities during the 1950s and 1960s.

What you are hearing is 2,610 cubic feet of air per minute, being sucked through a three-stage air compressor and shot out of six giant horns at approximately 400 miles per hour. In short, like most Chrysler products, it's really loud.

Of course, nowadays, its faster to send an alert to your cell phone warning you of any impending doom, but it wasn't too long ago that we needed the power of a V8 to announce to the populous that trouble was coming. Come to think of it, the throb of a V8 engine is the sound that, all over the world heralds the imminent arrival of doom, or a moron, depends on the day really.

It's interesting to see automakers build things that don't have four wheels. Cadillac built the M5A1 Stuart during the war, and sometimes you can even spot the odd Hyundai logo on a shipping container.

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