citroen ami is officially coming to the UK

The micro-car has been given green light for sale in Britain.

For a year, motoring journalists in Britain have waited in anticipation whether Citroen will export its Ami microcar to the UK, especially in the aftermath of Brexit, and fortunately or unfortunately - depends on your opinion of microcars - it looks like it is coming to the UK.

The Ami will be exported to the UK next year in left-hand drive, where it will be sold with a starting price of £6000, which will make it the cheapest car in the country, and taking Dacia Sandero's crown away.

Citroen CEO Vincent Cobée has also expressed hope that in the UK it will be possible to use the Ami as a car you can get on a subscription-based model, stating: "You can put €3,000 down and the monthly subscription is a mobile phone subscription (from €20 a month), or you put €1,000 down and the monthly subscription is the same as a subway pass (from €69 a month).

Furthermore, the Ami will be sold exclusively online, although you can go to a dealership in order to test it.

There are however some small things that buyers/subscribers will have to deal with: firstly, you have to be 17 or over to drive the Ami, unlike in France where even 14 year olds can drive it. Secondly, the Ami is not eligible for the government's plug-in grant as it's classified as a quadricycle.

Finally, it's possible that the car may cost a little more due to it coming with a Type 2 EV charging adaptor as well as with a three pin plug.

Overall however, I think this is a car worth trying out, especially if you live in an urban area and if you simply want to get to work. If however, you still like spaciousness and like to be in the company of others, the Dacia Sandero is your car.

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Comments (4)

  • Can someone tell Renault marketing wonks NOT to lock up their display examples? At Fully Charged Live, the big EV show recently, they had their example tightly locked up because they only had two in the UK! Renault? That HUGE car maker, already building these cars that sell for small change, are scared that Joe Public might break their only two examples by simply SITTING in them? FFS, get real!

      3 months ago
  • Instant failure if it’s not coming in RHD plus WTF are they on about it being a subscription. The that the new way of leasing a car instead

      3 months ago
  • It’s not a car it’s a shoe

      3 months ago
  • So it’s not even considered a”car”?

      3 months ago