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Citroën ë-C4 vs Skoda Enyaq

I argue with Ferdi about which one is the best

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I've had an idea for a series of posts which will hopefully motivate me to actually produce content for DT. The idea is that I argue with different people on Drivetribe about different car related views and opinions. I am starting off this series by arguing with Ferdi about whether the Skoda Enyaq or Citroën ë-C4 is the better car (of course I am right and it is the ë-C4). So without further ado introducing the first instalment of MR. DOT (me) vs. other idiots (Ferdi came up with the name because of my lack of creativity). If you want to be part of this series just comment below with an idea or DM me.

My argument - The Citroën ë-C4

Now, I accept that on paper the Citroën might seem like a lost cause. The Skoda has 39 more miles (about 63 km) in iV 60 trim and up to 114 more miles (about 183km) in the iV 80 trim. The Enyaq has 585L verses the 380L for the ë-C4. Again, the Enyaq has more power 177hp in the iV 60 and 201hp in the iV 80 rather than the 134hp that the ë-C4 has. However, how much this does this really matter? For example, if you really need to carry 585L worth of stuff (which you probably don't), just buy a roof box.

Let's talk about what really matters. Firstly, how you feel when inside the car. The seats have been especially deigned to maximise comfort (3 types of foam have been used), the ride is sublime, the powertrain is smooth and quiet. If you think about it the ë-C4 is a mini luxury car that you can actually park, all for just £29,180. If you want to have evidence of this luxury Jonny Smith describes the ë-C4 as "surprisingly luxurious" as well as saying "everyone enjoys sitting in this car". TotallyEV describe the ë-C4 as "A comfortable all-elctric SUV". Not only that, the controls are easy to use as for once not everything is controlled through a screen, unlike the Skoda where VW can't even manage to get the screen to work properly when releasing cars.

The "lack of power" (134hp is plenty) hardly matters because it is a family crossover, not a sports car. I know that it being a crossover is going to put people off, especially with Ferdi claiming the Enyaq is an MPV you can drift (it isn't it's an SUV and it will more likely just understeer or fall over than drift). However, we all know that manufactures just claim this to get sales it is really just a hatchback. With instant torque the Citroën will feel nippy, even if it isn't particularly quick, ideal for inner city driving; talking of inner city driving the ë-C4 is also much smaller than the massive Skoda, making it much easier to park and manoeuvre.

Another benefit of the ë-C4 for car enthusiasts is that in cities, like London, you get charged for having a polluting car in a certain zone (ULEZ - Ultra Low Emissions Zone) the Citroën helps with this by giving you an excellent daily driver that allows you to lose less money. This means that you own a car that you can't take into ULEZs, but is more engaging to drive. You could even buy this fun car by the money you will have saved by not buying the Skoda. The reason that the Citroën does this better than the Skoda is because it is much calmer and more comfortable. Another way of putting this is that the Citroen has been purely focused on comfort and ease of use, perfect for a daily driver, whilst the Skoda is trying to be everything but excelling at none. The looks may be slightly controversial, I admit, but if Citroën didn't make it stand out it wouldn't be a proper Citroën, and anyway at least it isn't as bland as the Skoda. As for the "coupe" roof line that makes perfect sense as it will help with aerodynamics, reducing wind noise and allowing you to drive further. Anyway almost nobody actually fills their boot all the way up past the back window anyway, partly because then you can't see out of it, meaning a the roofline isn't a really a disadvantage.

Another important point to make is that EVs are meant to be environmentally friendly and as we all know the battery pack is the most environmentally harmful aspect of an EV. So, lets compare battery sizes. The ë-C4 has a 50kWh battery pack, so if we use 140kg of CO2/kWh (www.transportenvironment.org/sites/te/files/publications/2019_11_Analysis_CO2_footprint_lithium-ion_batteries.pdf), the ë-C4's battery pack will release 7 tonnes of CO2. When we compare this to the Enyaq which in iV60 has 58kWh of battery capacity, meaning the battery pack production will produce over 8.1 tonnes of CO2, significantly more despite only being able to go 39 miles (63km) further. This is even worse in the iV80 with a 77kWh battery pack which produces 10.7 tonnes of CO2. (Both these car will be better environmentally than a new ICE counterpart after a few years, the exact time will depend on mileage per year and the grid electricity source mix, just to dispel any myths that might arise in the comments.)

It's beautiful. Imagine waking up to this, fully charged for you to waft around in.

It's beautiful. Imagine waking up to this, fully charged for you to waft around in.

The thing is that after all of this I feel it is obvious that the Citroën is the far superior car, yet the Citroën is £3,605 less than the Skoda (iV60 trim), whilst only offering 39 miles less range (about 63km) That's almost half a Dacia Sandero (other more enjoyable cars are available or even a roof box to make up for the less boot space), which is GOOD NEWS!

Ferdi's argument - The Skoda Enyaq

I love arguing for the simple reason that it’s great, what’s not so great is the Citroën ë-C4 with all its stupid dots above the e’s. I don’t see what James likes so much about it, it’s just a stupid fastback SUV. The Enyaq on the other hand is amazing. According to Skoda it’s an SUV in the “L segment” meaning it’s a lower SUV. This is just a less-fancy way of saying it's an MPV, the car really hasn’t got the ground clearance and pointlessness of an SUV. But let’s not get bogged down on who wants to have their car sold to middle-aged soccer mums.

Here is the Enyaq (again)

Here is the Enyaq (again)

The Enyaq is very clearly the better car in this comparison, especially when it comes to everything. For instance, the basic Enyaq has a 58 kWh battery, but is also orderable with a 77 kWh battery, while the Citroen only comes with a 50 kWh battery. Not only the batteries are better, but the engines are also too, while the Citroën is only available with a 136 hp engine, Skoda has put a 180 hp engine in the Enyaq. Oh, and before I forget, the Enyaq is Rear Wheel Drive, while the Citroën drives the front wheels, so you have a driftable, electric family MPV. Who doesn’t want that?!?!

Considering the fact that the Enyaq is a practical family MPV, while the Citroen is just a fastback SUV, you can expect that the Skoda has more room to offer. And you’d be right, the Enyaq eats 200L-500L (!!) more luggage than the ë-C4 (I’m actually getting tired of this ë, poor James). Furthermore, the Skoda is actually allowed to tow a trailer of 1000 kg, while the ë isn’t allowed to tow anything.

So far, using logic and common sense, the Enyaq is very clearly the better choice over here. James is probably going to shit around about the quirky looks of the Citroen. But the Skoda offers so much more, you get an umbrella in the door, an ice scraper in the tailgate (because otherwise it might get stolen), it has a cable cleaner, an organizer for your cables, it has 2 lights ín the tailgate. I could go on and on forever listing small but clever things that’ll make your life easier.

And to top it all, the Enyaq looks pretty cool and the interior is gorgeous, and they offer way more colour and material options than Citroën.

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  • Skoda. The Citroen is far too ugly.

      1 month ago
  • This is completely incomparable.

    Probably one of the stupidest debates on Drivetribe🤩😂.

    Still Citroen always Skoda is being way too boring here

      1 month ago
  • I thought about voting for the Citroen, but first you ruined it by saying you could use a roof box which would spoil the lines completely, and then I saw its hideous rear again

      1 month ago
  • Ferdi ftw!

      1 month ago
  • I can agree In some cases, but in others, how about look over to Sweden, and take the Volvo XC40 Recharge, a much more complete car, and to be honest, none of them are that great.

      1 month ago
    • I see your point. However, to me where EVs excel is on short to medium dull trips, which the Citroën would be perfect for. I do agree the XC40 Recharge is a great alternative, but if I'm correct it also costs quite a bit more

        1 month ago
    • I guess the Peugeot is rather good, and yes, the XC dims around the 40k mark.

        1 month ago