Citroën unveils the adorable Ami as part of ride-sharing fleet in Paris

Don't you wanna hug it or something?

Car people tend to humanize vehicles on a regular basis but in this case you don't have to be a hardcore petrolhead to understand why anyone would do that. That's because there's only word you can use to describe the super tiny Citroën Ami. It's cute.

The Ami is an all-electric car, which technically qualifies as a light quadricycle because it can be driven even without a driving license in the EU by anyone over the age of 16 (14 in France). Citroën first introduced it earlier this year and they've sold around 1,000 examples so far. Until now, you could only buy it outright or rent it on the long term but the company has now decided to make it available in Paris as part of their Parisian Free2Move carsharing fleet.

To celebrate the occasion, Citroën has built 20 special models, each with its own unique design inspired by the most iconic neighborhoods and areas of Paris. The idea is to start with around 100 vehicles and then add more in the future depending on demand as the car will, according to Citroën, "facilitate urban mobility and reconcile city dwellers and cars".

From a technical standpoint, we're looking at a diminutive 2-seat, ultra-tiny vehicle measuring only 2.41 mt in length and 1.39 in width, which makes it marginally shorter and narrower than the original Smart ForTwo and significantly smaller than the current Smart car.


It is powered by a 5.5 kWh battery pack with a range of 70 km (43.5 miles) and 8 hp of power. The top speed is only 28 mph and I know it doesn't sound like a lot but do bear in mind that the vehicle only weighs 485 kg and it's only supposed to be used a commuter within the city. It can be charged in 3 hours using a conventional 220 V socket or alternatively you can use the a public terminal and it takes a bit less than that.


The base price in France is €6,000 but buyers can also opt for a 28-month contract with a down payment of €2,644 and a monthly payment of €19.99. It sounds rather convenient, if we're honest. If you want to drive it occasionally with the Free2Move carsharing service, you can do it with a monthly subscription of €9.90 plus €0.26/minute.

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