- Perfect sunset to reflect on the blue big-block-powered boy!

Civil looks, big block under

Not all Chargers have to be an aggressive coal black fire-breathing red-striped monster with fat slicks to make one enjoyable

And oop I'm back again?

So, this is a 1966 Dodge Charger 383 by M2 Machines in 1/64 scale. Sky Blue, white-striped tires, and no wish to bite you... from the looks.

Mind not of the wonky tire decal on the rear wheels.

Mind not of the wonky tire decal on the rear wheels.

But as all goes, 325 buff horses for today's standards is no slouch either. Just put better tires and transmission and whala, as fast as the modern standards. But we're not going to talk about the real world one. But this particular M2 Machines 1966 Charger 383.

As you all may know, M2 Machines always had a hit-and-miss on their quality control for castings. If it's a hit, then cool, you get a vintage-looking, pristine, and showcase-able American (or Japanese) classic to beheld. If it's a miss, however, and you start seeing weird abnormalities within the one you get.

In my case, this particular Charger 383 is missing it's left A-pillar glass straight from the package. And that's not the end of the errors I got from the result of M2's weird quality control. Wonky rear right tire decal, crooked fuel cap (if you veeeeery carefully see up close), and a unpolished, ridged left front wheel innards that I have to smooth it out myself.

Which is why I took all the photos here not showing any sides from the left...

Looks like a lone road trip against a grass hill

Looks like a lone road trip against a grass hill

I don't regret this buy however, it's what to expect for a premium while paying under the usual market price, things always become a lottery for perfection. Despite it's shortcomings, the diecast still looks stellar to show, and as usual, I like it when they roll smooth, and this M2 Machines roll pretty smooth and silent, very satisfying.

Do please still fix your quality control though M2 Machines.

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