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Claire Williams and Williams family to step down from running the team

The Williams family is to step down in F1 after this weekend's Italian GP, with Claire Williams stepping down from her role as deputy team principle

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Today it was announced that, Claire Williams and the Williams family will no longer be involved in running the team following this weekend’s Italian Grand Prix.

The news follows the announcement of the team’s sale to the US private investment firm Dorilton two weeks ago. Claire, who was appointed team principle in the position to take over the day-to-day running of the team in place of her father Sir Frank in 2013, will leave at the end of this weekend’s race at Monza.

The team is not the same anymore, they are last always in the constructors championship, they never have points, and their cars are not improving. They don't have then resources like they did in the 90s, when they were winning world titles. It is not close to how they were in the '90s at all, the team has slipped since 2015.

The Williams team had its worst season in F1 by finishing last in the constructors’ standings in 2019, and currently occupies 10th in the championship despite improved performance this year. And they also lost 13million in the same year as well.

“It is with a heavy heart that I am stepping away from my role with the team,” Claire Williams said.

“However, our need to find inward investment earlier this year due to a number of factors, many of which were outside of our control, resulted in the sale of the team to Dorilton Capital.

“I had hoped to continue my tenure long into the future and to preserve the Williams family’s legacy into the next generation.

“My family has always put our racing team and our people first and this was absolutely the right decision. I know in them we have found the right people to take Williams back to the front of the grid while also preserving the Williams legacy.

“I have taken the decision to step away from the team in order to allow Dorilton a fresh start as the new owners,” It has not been an easy decision but it’s one I believe to be right for all involved.” Claire Williams said with a heavy heart.

Everyone is confused if this will help or destroy the team, everyone is saddened because Williams was a huge part of F1, and it was the only family owned F1 Team left. Williams has been in Formula One for over 40 years run by her father, and it was also founded by him as well. Will this investment help or break the team again?

Thank you for reading my article on this huge news today, the resources that helped me were BBC, CRASH, and RACEFANS.NET.

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  • Well, i hope they come up with something to make it more interesting. Anyway i m gonna start watching rally cross more now.

      16 days ago
    • same, it’s been so boring with mercedes domination, i wish there was more competition 🙄

        16 days ago
    • I do not see anything like that happening in near future. But lets see.

        16 days ago
  • There goes the last team i thought were in f1 racing because they were passionate about it😔. Now it is just bunch of mnc's racing for profits.

      16 days ago
  • It’s a bummer. I always rooted for them.

      17 days ago