Clarkson confirms coronavirus will delay Grand Tour season 4

11w ago


Clarkson has confirmed that season 4 of the Grand Tour will be delayed as the coronavirus takes hold across the globe. Following The Grand Tour Presents Seamen which aired last December, we were expecting episode 2 any time now.

But it looks like we might be in with a long wait. Responding to fans on Twitter desperate to see the new shows Clarkson said "We have one pretty much ready to go and when this virus business is settled, we will head off to do two more."

After a machine gunning of pleas to air the new shows ASAP, Clarkson shot back: "Maybe you haven’t heard. There’s a virus you see and it’s making international travel tricky".

How long the show could be delayed isn't yet clear. The coronavirus appears to have peaked in China, but the rest of the world is embroiled in a slugging match with the disease. Italy is in lockdown while the rest of Europe and the US is holding its breath.

Even DriveTribe staffers are self isolating to keep the good ship DT on an even keel.

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Comments (32)

  • it sucks but we have to live trough it. In the mean time i recommend to watch James May: Man in Japan. Guess what Bim lol

      2 months ago
    • James May in Japan is a really good mini series.. they definitely should do more like it! Guess what Bim.. it's almost 4 o'clock

        2 months ago
  • Again?! This virus is really irritating!

      2 months ago