Clarkson explains why he needed to be on such a high salary with Top Gear

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It is no secret that the former and current Top Gear presenters are on a high salaries. At one point, Clarkson was the BBC's highest paid star due to receiving a reported £1 million per series, which works out at around £100,000 per episode, depending on how many were in said series.

This sort of wage is bound to anger a few people whereas some people who are in that field of work may be able to understand why Clarkson was being paid so much by the BBC. Of course, now he is working with Amazon for The Grand Tour (where he signed a reported £160 million deal) which has been a huge success and will continue to be.

Recently, Clarkson spoke to the Times newspaper in London and explained why he was paid so much money.

"You get that for your entire life being taken over," he said to The Times.

"So when you look at all those BBC salaries that are published, you think, 'You get that for an hour’s work.' No, you don’t. You get that for your entire life being taken over by, 'Selfie! Selfie! Photo! Photo! Photo!' Somebody has to pay for that."

Now, I guess this goes for any celebrity these days who is also earning a lot of money, if not more than Clarkson was making. Some of these YouTube stars are making the same amount Clarkson made in a series, in a day in some cases. So, while it is a lot of money, I think he is able to justify having such an impressive pay packet and he isn't the only one being paid this much.

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