Clarkson, Hammond and May are lost

If you follow any of the three stars from The Grand Tour on social media, you’ll know that Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May have spent the past few days somewhere quite a lot sunnier than London. In fact, the fourth season of The Grand Tour with its new format is currently being shot in destinations around the world.

Just three days ago, we were treated to a beautiful shot of the sun setting over a perfectly calm sea and the crew all sat round a few drinks. It seems the alcohol may have hit the trio more than expected as after their most recent flight, they have found themselves over 500 miles away from the rest of the team.

Admittedly, the predicament doesn’t seem to be the presenters’ fault. Instead of jumping on the plane with the rest of the filming crew, they chose to look after the equipment. However, some sort of issue with the plane meant that, while the crew is on site ready to get filming started, they are missing both the presenters and the cameras to film them with.

Hopefully, our three favourite petrolheads can escape from their desert island before Hammond gets eaten, and the other two perish from a lack of wine. However, if the situation does go south, we’ll surely have another series of hilarious tweets and homemade videos to keep us upbeat.

That being said, Richard has been very quiet on Twitter since Jeremy mentioned the slight complication. Maybe he's already succumbed to the hunger of his colleagues.

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