Clarkson, Hammond, And May LOVE A Good Penis Joke

Let's just lower the tone a little...

3y ago

Top Gear and The Grand Tour has never shied away from an immature joke or two. So with the hope that more jokes like this will appear during Season 3 of TGT, let's take a look through the history of the good ol' sausage joke.

Let's start with The Grand Tour Season 1. It was a good Christmas!

For Christmas, they 'launched' their own range of car branded Christmas jumpers. They chose their favourite cars, whacked them onto knitwear, and stood in a line. An eruption of laughter came from the crowd for some reason. I'm not sure why.

This is a screenshot from Series 9 of Top Gear when they took a diesel BMW endurance racing. Of course, the BBC wouldn't let them put real sponsors on their car, so they had to improvise. Just don't open the door.

This video, taken from Series 12 of Top Gear, follows the trio travelling from the south of Vietnam to the north. After dressing themselves in... interesting clothes, Hammond ruins Jeremy's look by writing something on the side of his helmet. I'll leave you to guess what it says.

When testing a new car, the model has to be put through stringent crash tests. So the Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust had to go through said tests. This involved a 30mph collision with a concrete wall, so naturally, they did it in slow motion. Oh, and take a look at Jeremy's cheek.

Ever think you'd see a gentleman's sausage on a storm drain? Never say never! This was from Series 19 where they took a Lexus LFA, Dodge Viper SRT, and an Aston Martin Vanquish to Mexico. this is the kind of educational content we're looking for from The Grand Tour!

Annoyingly, I couldn't find a video for this one, but nonetheless, this is from Series 19 where they simply played a game of Rugby. With cars. To communicate what James May wanted to happen on the field, he kindly drew a diagram. I think he balls'd it up.

Possibly my favourite of the examples, although it's not exactly subtle. This was during Series 22 of Top Gear, where they were asked to produce lifestyle SUVs. Let's just leave this by saying Jeremy got it spot on.

What's your favourite ongoing joke from either Top Gear or The Grand Tour? Let me know in the comments!

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