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Read or watch any of Jeremy Clarkson’s Jaguar reviews and you’ll find the models he’s most fond of tend to have one thing in common: they silently and comfortably waft you from A to B.

To Clarkson, a hard-riding Jaguar XJR in 2014 is a distant cry from the car’s “unruffled and smooth” predecessor from 1995, for example. And that itself is removed from the “peak Jaguar” standards that were set decades earlier.

Considering the Grand Tour host has such a soft spot for the traditional Jaguar driving experience, it’s perhaps a shock that he’s written some very kind words on the Jaguar that breaks that mould the most: the I-Pace. Doubly so, given his well-known opinions on electric cars.

In his review for the Sunday Times, JC drew particular attention to the I-Pace’s “so very Jaggish” comfort and refinement. Along with the serenity that comes with having no petrol or diesel engine murmuring in the background, Clarkson points out the car is incredibly comfortable.

“I drove round London in the I-Pace for a few days and it was just so relaxing. It glided over potholes and speed bumps and wafted down Park Lane like a swan. On a magic carpet.”

Of course, it was not all good news. When terms such as “pathetic”, “annoyed” and “nigh-on undriveable” are used, you know there were frustrations.

To find out what his bugbears are with the Jaguar I-Pace, read the full review at

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