Clarkson's farm in 10 fascinating questions you get to answer*

*Spoiler alert

9w ago

Welcome everyone to the following polls, ranks, and battles reflecting back on the first-ever and very promising edition of "Clarkson's farm" in which you'll be able to take part. With Amazon themselves claiming Clarkson's show as the highest ever rated series on their platform, everyone has had a lot to talk about and as I'm sure you already know by now, yes, there is a second season on the way. In the meantime, I have lined up 10 fascinating questions (you might not expect) throwing back to the 8 episodes of the one-and-only "Clarkson's farm". I hope you enjoy them, now let's get into them.

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  • After watching this show i am for the first time this year trying my hand at potatoing, turniping, sprouting & parnsiping. So far all going well.

      2 months ago