Classic Acura NSX Gets Crushed by Dumb Lexus Driver

1y ago


There is nothing more brutal than the sound of screeching tires, glass shattering, and metal on metal crushing together during a car accident. In this case, sadly the victim was a gorgeous red NSX.

According to the source who was interviewed by Jalopnik, the NSX pictured in the video was driving through the intersection when the Lexus ran the red light, completely obliterating the front end of the legendary Japanese car.

I think the “Oh no way! Awww!” is a more than appropriate response. Gotta love red light runners.


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Comments (11)
  • What would you expect from an SUV driver? Buying an SUV means they are selfish as they would rather give up your safety to get more for themselves.

    1 year ago
  • Pulp Fiction...? I had to crash that Honda...

    1 year ago


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