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Classic Car EV Conversion - an evil necessity

Why EV conversion will be unavoidable for classics to stay on the road

3w ago

It screams sacrilegious act - converting a classic car to EV to keep it on the road, but here's why it may be completely unavoidable if you want regular use of your classic on public roads.

Imagine its ten years’ time and its 2032, the year that Brisbane will host the Olympics, and you’re a classic car owner. Globally, much will have changed by 2032 including many things about what it means to be a classic car owner. So, what will have changed that impacts your passion and hobby?

The first thing to consider is that around 80% of the national pool of daily driver vehicles will no longer be powered by internal combustion engines (‘ICE’); but what will this mean to you and your classic car?

Well, with so few daily driver vehicles with an ICE the lowered demand for fossil-based fuels will result in extreme petrol price (think A$15/litre), because:

· Far less petroleum retail outlets – probably about the same as, or less than, the current availability we have for plug-in electric vehicles. Low supply always equals high price, especially when its 'boutique' and/or demand exceeds that magic supply or availability. To date plug in recharge infrastructure has been subsidised removing the boutique factor. But there will be no subsidies for your ICE classic.

· Reduced oil production and petroleum refining activities - will be cut ahead of demand drop to maintain profits and some shareholders for these organisations too. Many shareholders will have abandoned these organisations well ahead of this time (some already going to hydrogen) and the last bastion investors will be wanting to extract every last dollar breath from the Oil Co.

For those who doubt my view that the cost of ICE classic ownership will hit ridiculous levels, you’ll be interested to know in the late 80’s Toyota originally invested in the development of hybrid powered cars, not as an environmental initiative but to offset the future rising costs of car ownership driven by escalating fuel prices with the growth of the global fleet of ICE vehicles as China entered private vehicle ownership. So how we got here today with daily driver vehicles is the same trend that will be thrust upon classics.

If you’re thinking that historic, special or limited use registration is a ‘safe haven’, let’s consider the pressure the public will bring to bear on those who remain with an ICE powered classic vehicle, even if you’ve switched to an alternative fuel source such as ethanol:

· Insurance companies - retail insurers will simply cave to public pressure and opt out and those who remain insuring ICE powered vehicles will have no choice but to bump up premiums. Whilst this may seem innocuous to high end classics, millions of 'practical classics' will find this issue inescapable.

· State government – well they’ll find a way to increase your registration costs as an election promise to those on the green side of the ledger. Cash for Clunkers, Bucks for Bangers - we've already heard to election slogans. Here in Australia the next Federal election will even have some 'noise' around EV's and there so called imperative to save the planet. All levels of government will fall under this spell, including local government;

· Local government – will ban ICE vehicle use due to noise emissions (just like they are doing at present with ICE lawn maintenance equipment). Yes noise emissions are the next big thing once the fossil fuel emissions have been banished to the history books. If you don't believe me, then go to a major city early on Sunday morning and hear the difference. Once woke folks realise how much quieter it is to live on a main road with the silent hum of EV your noisy ICE will be in their cross hairs!

At this point in time the cost of taking your ICE powered classic out for a drive has gone so far north that its now less than a Sunday driver and is more likely a Monthly or Yearly driver.

So, the obvious way around all this is to convert to EV of some type? You tell me the answer...

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Comments (68)

  • Even if you put a gun to my head, an electric motor is going nowhere near our Ferrari 360.

      19 days ago
  • I'd say this is where E Fuels take centre stage. Their low emissions should do enough to convince the government to show some faith

      21 days ago
    • You don't think that they'll be boutique or niche, and have a high cost? I'm certainly hoping that they are part of the solution as the ICE is part of the classic experience, but I think they'll get very limited use opportunity

        21 days ago
    • I do think that price will decrease due to demand weakening for ICEs, partenered with increased supply from manafactuers such as Porsche and Toyota producing truckloads of the stuff.

        20 days ago
  • That's complete rubbish! Just use vegetable oil 👍

    This entire EV fad is for fools and imbeciles anyway 🤷‍♂️

      20 days ago
    • Someone is stuck on the 1910’s

        19 days ago
    • No no, what I am is informed bud 👍 I've done my research and I know going 'carbon neutral' will kill us all!

      It'll either kill us or they'll start pumping CO2 back in and charge us for it.

      It doesn't take a lot of investigation to work out going...

      Read more
        19 days ago
  • I say we all stop fighting and let owners do whatever they want. It’s their car in the end.

      20 days ago
  • This is kind of like ripping out your grandpa's skeleton and organs and replacing them with all robotic parts. In the end, he's a little faster but it doesn't feel like he's your grandpa.

      17 days ago