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    - Alfa Romeo GTV, petrol station, Plymouth, 2009, from the perspective of the top deck of the Megabus.

    I think this might be my very first car spotting photo. My Facebook memories tell me that this was taken ten years ago, and I still remember taking it. I've always loved the Alfa Romeo GTV and I said to myself back then that one day I'd have one. I still haven't got around to it, but they haven't all turned into piles of brown powder yet, so there's still time. Anyway, this photograph was taken on my phone - which I'm pretty certain at the time was a Motorola Razr, because I was that cool - from the top deck of a Megabus that was just heading out of Plymouth towards London. The car was just pulling out from a petrol station, which explains the Batman angle. And yes, I do have a ridiculous memory for detail.

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