Classic cars and Film Photography

In today's world, everyone is a photographer! The number of photos shot every second is larger than in any other period of history. Many of them are just quick snaps, simple images to share something with someone else.

All of that is possible thanks to the camera we always carry. It is amazing what a tiny smartphone camera can do if you learn a little bit about photography and think about the image you want to create.

You learn to use a camera properly!

In the analogue photography era, a lot more knowledge was required. Still, it made you think and learn a lot more. That is the reason why I noticed once I started shooting film, the quality of my shots improved. I began thinking a lot more and paying more attention to what I was doing while shooting.

There is nothing as beautiful as slide film

The second reason why I love shooting analogue is slide film, first developed to be projected, it found its place in the cameras of pro photographers because of its incredible colour rendition and image quality.

It suits Classic Cars

Using slide film to shoot vintage cars seems right, the results look like they should, probably because back in the day they were shot in slide film, it is a little like time travel every time you get your scans back.

You probably already own an analogue camera

We grew up with analogue cameras, many of us still have an old camera tucked away in a drawer at our parents/grandparents house. Remember, the world's most iconic images were shot on film! Don't waste a ton of money on a brand new camera to use once a year. Use your grandparent's old camera I'm sure you'll be happy with the results, we tend to forget how good analogue photography was.

Any film shooters out there? Please let me know about it in the comments.