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Classic cars could be 'scrapped' as part of Sadiq Khan’s ULEZ expansion

UK-based classic car enthusiasts are under threat!

3w ago

Classic cars are under threat in London the city's mayor, Sadiq Khan announces new ULEZ proposal plans which could see the end of many of them.

The new updates would mean the current ULEZ zone will be expanded to affect an extra 140,000 motorists by the end of October. The scheme will cover roads between the North and South Circular Roads with drivers being charged £12.50 per day to drive a heavy polluting vehicle.

What's worse is that classic car owners have been warned their cars may be 'scrapped' as a part of this. These new rules would mean petrol cars must meet Euro 4 emissions standards to avoid the charges and these were introduced in 2005. Diesel models must meet Euro 6 standards launched in 2015, leaving very little wiggle room for older cars.

Classic car insurance experts at Hagerty have warned there will undoubtedly be fewer cars from the 1980s, 1990s and early noughties under the changes which is sad to hear.

Photo by Ilinca Roman on Unsplash

Photo by Ilinca Roman on Unsplash

It is possible to adapt classic cars in order for them to comply with these new regulations, but many people instead are getting rid of them as it is easier and less expensive.

Classic cars are just a small sector of vehicles which have been affected by this change as businesses in and around the city will faces difficulties with lorries etc. Hopefully these changes result in better air quality for the city, otherwise a lot of people will be angry for sure.

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Comments (64)

  • 😟I don’t even live there and it still upsets me!

      27 days ago
    • I wouldn't fly over the dump unless I was in a Lancaster full of shit.

      Anyone who chooses to live in a grey concrete expanse of misery deserves all they get.

        25 days ago
    • This story is untrue. The author knows it is untrue. They ran it anyway.

        21 days ago
  • The problem here is Sadiq Khan not classic cars. How much more damage can he do before leaving office!!

      27 days ago
  • Absolute fucking wanker.

      27 days ago
  • I could say so much about this man and his way of doing things but I’ll keep it short and sweet: I don’t agree with him.

      27 days ago
    • I’m with you on that one. I disagree with him on more than just this!

        27 days ago
    • He is abysmal. The way he’s ruined our capital. I don’t want to get too political on here but as a regular driver in London (and from someone that was born / lived in London for many years) it makes me so sad to see lanes being closed, forcing...

      Read more
        27 days ago
  • This is why Niko Omilana should have been mayor

      27 days ago