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Owning and driving a classic car is a wonderful thing. What older cars lack in refinement and technology, they make up with bags of character

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Unfortunately though, no amount of character will make up for the lack of modern security technology. In some cases these older cars can be opened and driven away in the bat of an eye lid with the use of a basic tool kit.

With classic car values hitting an all-time high Porsche have seen an opportunity to help their customers keep their vintage cars safe and secure. The new Porsche Classic Vehicle Tracking System will be coming to the market around spring time in 2018 and will feature some of the most up-to-date vehicle security technologies available today.

Similar to a GPS tracker that many new cars come fitted with, the system will be hidden within concealed locations on the older cars bodywork making it very difficult to be removed. The biggest difference to a normal tracker is once fitted it will communicate with a security network that will be alerted if the battery is disconnected or if the car is stolen.

The owner will be notified via an app and once they confirm the car is in fact stolen, local law enforcement will also be called in. The security centre can then guide the police to the cars location using the GPS data that is being transmitted back to them.

Another added feature is the ability for the engine to be disabled remotely by the security team, making it harder to pinch the car as it won’t run under its own steam! It’s like having your very own SkyNet watching over your pride and joy 24/7!

There is no mention of price yet from Porsche but it has been confirmed that the system will be available for cars as old as the 356 to the more modern end of the classic spectrum with the Carrera GT also being featured.

It is no wonder that Porsche were there first to make an announcement like this to the classic car market since around 70% of the cars they have ever mad are still on the roads today! Let’s hope other manufactures with a classic car division take note and start to offer a similar service.

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