Classic F1 with modern graphics looks seriously cool

Liberty Media have really stepped up their game with the on-screen graphics during Grand Prix this season.

Of course, there are still mistakes which are then immortalised in the form of memes (see lastname lastname name below), but that's bound to happen with live TV.

There was a slight cock-up with the new graphics at the season-opening Australian GP, which the internet loved

On the whole, these new graphics have gone down well; looking better and generally being far more informative than their predecessors, especially for your average F1 viewer.

But this video using the new graphics with retro F1 moments looks incredibly cool - the graphics are so seamless you almost don't notice them - even though they should look entirely out of place in these classic moments.

Oh, and any excuse to rewatch Murray Walker commentate on the amazing 1969 Italian GP finish at Monza.

Watch it below:

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Comments (7)
  • It' s been quite well done, make no mistake, but I still do not like all the new graphics. It makes the screen feel quite cluttered

    1 month ago
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    • I am absolutely with you! Too many graphics, too much eye candy. You can't even read everything fast enough. Keep it simple! But I think this is the american way of the american...

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      30 days ago
  • I absolutely love this

    1 month ago
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