Classic FIAT 500 meets 4 Wheel Drive Traction and Hayabusa Power

Hop Onboard Roman Gurschler´s (quite literally...) brilliant FIAT 500 Monster

This diminutive Monster is Roman Gurschler´s FIAT 500 4x4, a unique take on the 500 base in Hilllcimb Racing, mixing now the power from a stroked 1.6L Hayabusa Engine with 4 Wheel Drive traction.

It has used a BMW S1000RR in the past but now it is fitted with a 250Hp/10.500Rpm Suzuki Engine tuned to fit within the E2-SH1600 Class, allowing this little machine to have a minimum weight of 600Kg. All this benefits from the traction made available by a 4 wheel drive conversion making this a supremely fast machine on tight corners. Originally a Slalom car, it has been evolving into a full fledged Hillclimb Racer we hope to see even more in the future, displaying the kind of speed we have seen here at Alpe Del Nevegal 2020...

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Comments (2)

  • A Pocket MONSTER!

    Love it. So many uses for that motor. I think may be my new favorite.

      7 months ago
  • Oh yeah

      7 months ago