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  • I'm in the US, NY to be specific. There were some mighty ugly cars in the early 60's. The Avanti was "clean". It looks "off" because of the blunt, grill-less nose and the big headlights. Back then, this was the future! Well, except for the headlights. Hidden headlights might have helped the design during the day, at least.

    In the end it was unique for the sake of being unique and that wasn't enough.

    13 days ago
  • For the 60's I thought it was great. A little awkward here and there, but it wasn't completely all new parts when it was released. Studebaker was known for repurposing existing parts to make new cars. That's pretty clever, cost-wise, when you think of it. They simply didn't have the finances for an all new car. Fiberglass was an excellent choice for a low volume car. It also had that sense of "exotic" to it.

    Consider that the design managed to survive four decades, various drivetrains and chassis, and the barrage of safety regulations and still be "an Avanti" gives the initial design longevity. Not many cars can claim that.

    13 days ago
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    • Very interesting point of view.. I guess that unfortunately most people don't know all the history and facts behind the design language and reasoning, and compared to earlier...

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      13 days ago


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