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      • I never did get caught up in the pony car thing. I was more fascinated by foreign cars. Jaguars, MGs, Triumphs, Fiats, Alfas. Small nimble, quick, and more important - fuel efficient. That was a big thing when the fuel shortages hit in the 70's.

          2 years ago
        • Were those types of cars cheaper then? By the late 1990s, those cars were priced out of the range of the average person.

            2 years ago
        • Probably not but there wasn't much to compare them to. By the 90's they were long out of the market, except for, maybe Jaguar. In the 70's they were reasonable, more so used. By the 80's they were more eccentric than exotic and mostly rust.

            2 years ago
      • Not the prettiest Camaro, for sure!

          2 years ago
      • It's a bit over the top compared to the 4th Gen Camaro. The "nostrils" and rear wing don't help the design.

          2 years ago
        • It did have some useless stuff stuck on it.

            2 years ago
        • It wouldn't be a Firebird or TransAm without "stuff". I've heard that the "peel and stick BBQ chicken" on the hood alone is good for several horsepower. All kidding aside, the "nostrils" are a bit much. They're too big and they throw off the...

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            2 years ago


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