Classic Rally Monster - Bob Kellen´s Spectacular Ford Escort Mk2

Lairy Driving style, unique livery and almost 300hp of Millington NA Power

Coming from Luxembourg, this is Bob Kellen´s exquisite Ford Escort Mk2, a Rally machine powered by a Naturally Aspirated Millington Engine which competes regularly on Hillclimb Racing events. Here competing at Turckheim Hillclimb 2020, the finely tuned Classic was among the most spectacular cars of the weekend thanks to some properly lairy driving style.

With almost 300Hp from the 2.0L NA British Engine and weighing under 1000Kg, it makes for quite the rapid machine, coupled then with a 6 speed Sequential Gearbox and Rally style suspension set-up, it ends up making for a very old-school ride, favouring the loose driving style more associated with Rallying then Hillclimb Racing. And as with many other things in life, variety can always be a good thing...

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