Classic Rotary Goodness - Spectacular Mazda RX-3 Savanna GT Widebody

Chris Green at the wheel of the Andy Duffin owned Yanky-style RX-3 Monster

Coming from New Zealand and driven by Chris Green, from the Rotary tuning specialist Green Brother, this is the beautiful Mazda RX-3 Savanna GT of Andy Duffin attacking Leadfoot Festival 2020 in all its "Rusty Livery" stylish Glory.

Built during the 80´s in the ‘Yanky’ style popularized at the time (large fenders/spoilers style akin to the Race Cars of the time) it features a mildly-modified extend ported 12A Rotary engine good for about 240Hp/9.000Rpm in Naturally Aspirated form and pretty much just light upgrades like a series 1 RX-7 5 speed Gearbox and better brake pads, leaving everything else pretty much period correct. It was imported into New Zealand by Warwick Mortimer, sold to Justin Hicks and only after that acquired by Andy Duffin. Since then it has been displayed to a larger public and done a number of events on both circuits and Hillclimb. Leadfoot Festival 2020 was such an occasion...

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