Classic RWD Italian Action - 450Hp Alfa Romeo 75 Turbo Monster

Vagelis Xantzis and the latest evolution of his spectacular Alfa Romeo 75 Turbo in action

The spectacular Alfa Romeo 75 of Vagelis Xantzis (dubbed Jessica) continues its evolution on 2021 and is now more powerful than ever and sporting a bespoke Aero package alongside a whole new livery.

Powered by a 1.8L Engine equipped with a Turboocharger from a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII featuring a Custom turbine Wheel, it is capable of reaching upwards of 450Hp, moving only 1000Kg now, but at Ritsona Hillclimb (where this footage stems from) the extreme heat made it impossible to turn up the boost so only around 1.5bar were used and not much over 300Hp was available. It was still a very impressive first race for this new version of this Monster and leaves the door open for a new Clip where it will be capable of exploring the whole 2.4bar of boost it can produce...

You can also check how this machine looked in 2019, before this latest evoolution was performed:

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