- Freelander 1

Classic Status!!!!!!!

1y ago


Now I've had my LandRover Freelander 1 (petrol) since 2004 when I purchased it new, and now apparently it's gaining classic status or is that Modern Classic?

Launched in 1997, it can be argued, with strong conviction, that it was the first true SUV. Oh and it probably saved Landrover being one of it's fastest selling cars, ever.

But Classic!! Well Landrover Heritage is supporting the car, it's beginning to appear in some of the more practical classic car magazines, so, I suppose it must be.

As with anything it's all subjective. In my view, it's certainly getting there. Cheap, a strong following, great parts availability, clubs all over the place, getting older, relatively easy to work on. So if you can call an Allegro classic ( and I do) why not.

I suspect if you can get a pre facelift 1997 low mileage model you certainly won't loose money and that is usually a good indicator of a car approaching graceful old age and a modicum of desirability.