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Classicmobilia E'News Issue 78 November 2016

Dear Classic Car Enthusiast,

Welcome to the latest issue of Classicmobilia E’News, which comes to you from viewing one of the largest auction collections of no reserve cars we have ever seem in Europe.

This could be a total surprise or a complete restructure of the classic car world and prices in the months to come.

The market has been all over the place for the last couple of weeks, with fully loaded auctions taking place, the media reporting with the assistance of sales achieved by auctions that the market is thriving, but are we seeing a mixed message?

On speaking to many dealers as to how they see the market, is mentioned by many that the top end car were suffering and the more affordable cars selling really well. In some cases the dealers are focusing on lower end of the market and moving a lot of good mixed stock.

Do we now see a shift in the market and the modern classic filling our auction houses, so metal can be moved instead of the provisional bids being taken and sellers being forced into taking a lower offer?

Remember, buyers beware!

Some incredible cars have been on offer and some very respectable collection are hovering around in the background, with very limited sales, but they are all being offered under the radar, which is very exciting.

We are seeing far more under the radar sales taking place, with very interesting cars on offer to the private collector and the large investments, all taking things very secretive indeed.

The classic car shows are really making a stand with record turnouts achieved and more stands, with more to see, the biggest problem being attending them all, let alone report on the action!

With the weather on my side, I managed to take out a couple of interesting open top tourer’s, after watching the start of the London to Brighton run. What a wonderful turn out and some outstanding motor cars being used, as they should be.

If you are looking to buy or sell or just want to dip your toe into the classic car world, then lets talk.

Happy motoring.


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