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The old mantra 'built not bought' holds a certain nobility to it, but what if you just want to find a drift car, buy it and get to sliding? After all, time spent spinning spanners or choosing which wheels to go for is less time spent behind the wheel honing your skills.

With that in mind, and for the less mechanically-adept amongst us (myself included) here are five very well sorted drift cars that you can buy today in the U.K. All too pricey? Don't worry, I'll follow this up with a more budget-conscious selection next week.

The Huxley Motorsport Celica

Unquestionably one of the best-known, most-loved and most unique drift cars in Europe, fabrication guru Marc Huxley is selling his beloved RA28 Toyota Celica drift car. It may have started out life as a barn find, but under Hux’s watchful eye and masterful hand, he’s painstakingly restored every panel, nut and bolt and converted it into a ready-made drift machine. There’s a 400bhp SR20DET redtop engine under the bonnet, a rear-mounted cooling setup and an 8.8 Mustang rear axle, so it’s built to take the abuse. It’s road legal too, so even if you don’t want to drift it, it’d make one hell of a cool street car.

Hux still uses the car in competition, so you can see it in action – he’ll even rebuild it before you drive it away. The coolest retro drifter in the world could be yours for £26,000, including all spares and panel moulds – you can’t say fairer than that.


Like a pheonix from the ashes

This 600bhp supercharged E46 M3 is well equipped to tackle both drift and track disciplines – what’s more it’s in Phoenix Yellow, which is one of the best colours for an E46! Lift the bonnet and you’ll find a fully forged and rebuilt S54B32 engine with just 7,000 miles on it since rebuild. Boost is delivered thanks to a VF Engineering Stage 3+ supercharger kit, which comes with three different sized pulleys and remaps for adjustable poweroutput – 450bhp, 520bhp and 600bhp. I’m guessing the 450bhp and 520bhp pulleys are on a shelf gathering dust.

The chassis and suspension are left wanting nothing – fully rose jointed and polybushed, with adjustable lower arms and steering rack spaces for extra lock, and there’s a full cage inside to keep you safe. It’s formerly been declared as a Cat C, but don’t let that put you off – almost everything on the car has been replaced or rebuilt anyway, and it’s road legal. Yours for £21,500, sir.


Get wind of this

Every so often something special with genuine drift heritage is imported over from Japan, and this is one of those occasions. This is the genuine Winds Auto AE86, a former D1GP competition car as driven by Kimihiro Obata, and as seen in the old school Drift Tengoku videos. The cars been to the U.S. to compete, back to Japan and now resides in Scotland, of all places.

This is a fully built competition car, so you shouldn’t expect gleaming paint and a pristine finish. What you can expect, however, is a built 4A-GE motor running around 200bhp, a fully stitch-welded chassis, some very trick suspension and drivetrain components and the chance to own your very own slice of AE86 history. Sure, at £18,000 it’s a lot of money for an old Corolla, but if you’re an AE86 head then those are just irrelevant numbers. BRB, Googling bank loans…


Red, Purple – let's call it Rurple

Genuine, clean PS13 Silvias are becoming increasingly hard to find here in the UK. You’re either looking at something that’s been thoroughly abused, or a fresh import packed with uncertainties. This example looks to be an exception – imported two years ago, and with a rebuilt SR20DET engine packing 320 horses, no expense has been spared in keeping this Silvia looking fresh. There’s a plethora of taste treats on the exterior – a full Origin bodykit, D-Max bonnet and spoiler, carbon boot lid, Rota Grid Drift wheels and the desirable ‘brick’ headlamps and GTR grille. A coat of Nissan Red Purple with added flake makes the panels shimmer in the sun too.

The footwork and drivetrain is all sorted too, although there are a few minor jobs to sort to make it 100% right – nothing a weekend’s work couldn’t take care of. Drop £12,000 like it’s hot, add a full cage and you’re set to go drifting, or keep it as is for an awesome street car.


Bargain of the week S14

If all of the above are a bit too rich for your liking, then how about this? Spotted over on the Driftworks forum, the car is a UK 1994 Nissan 200SX S14 that’s been converted into a decent specification drift machine right here in the UK. Running an SR20DET engine and stock T28 turbo at 1.0bar of boost and mapped on a Haltech Platinum Sport 1000 ECU, power estimations are in the 280-300bhp range.

There’s a full roll cage inside, along with a pair of Corbeau Clubsport seats and four-point TRS harness and all of the suspension components have been upgraded to a nice level too. Whether you fancy a sorted S-body for the road, or want to get into drifting at a more competitive level, you could literally hand over £6,500 (which seems mighty cheap, all considered!), jump in and start drifting without turning a spanner!


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