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  • Have you ever had the opportunity to drive it?

      25 days ago
  • Cool

      21 days ago
  • If he's going to let it get really dusty you might as well just tell your dad to give it to you now so you can look after it properly...

      25 days ago
    • That's one approach angle! Usually he doesn't let it get that dusty, but he hadn't driven it in a while due to some gummed up spark plugs, so it was just sitting in the garage for a while accumulating a thin layer of dust

        25 days ago
    • You literally say "Was really dusty" in your introduction...

        23 days ago
  • Ahh there it is finally!!! 😂😂 the jaaaaag, a classic one with Texas plates!!! You gotta feel special.I'd be SMUG all the time😂😂 might aswell fly an union jack on it!!

      25 days ago
    • Austin Powers style! I do certainly feel special when I'm riding in it with my dad and people are pointing and smiling at us as we go by. Nothing tops that feeling

        25 days ago
    • Yeaah I can feel it , its not like a yob in a expensive lambo etc , its proper subtle respect and amusement!

        24 days ago
  • 🤤🤤

      25 days ago