Cleanest Supra in the world sold for an insane $121,000

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An unmolested Toyota Supra with a manual gearbox and the twin-turbo engine is about as rare as a BMW with working blinkers or a Subaru which hasn't been vaped in. So you can imagine that when one does come by it's likely to fetch a rather pretty penny. Especially if it has just 7,111 miles on the odometer 2 owners from new a clean record and is most likely the cleanest example in the world.

How much exactly? 121,000 of your finest American Dollars for this 1994 example that just sold on bringatrailer, for those interested that's about 95,000 by today's exchange rate.

The car is in a completely factory stock specification right down to the Bridgestone Potenza tires which bear a 1994 date code, wrapped around the factory 5-spoke alloy wheels.

Cars finished in Renaissance Red which the round rear spoiler looks just oh so good on the Supra. Under the hood sits the legendary 2JZ GTE a 3 litre Twin Turbocharged inline-six which in its stock form makes 320 horsepower which is sent to the rear wheels via a 6-speed manual transmission designed specifically for the Supra.

The tan leather interior is in an exceptional state, showing only the barest hint of ageing but you would never guess it's are a quarter of a century old. If the unmodified bodywork and engine are impressive than the fact the car retained it's original CD/Cassette player and floor mats is a true miracle. It is unknown whether or not any cassettes were actually included in the sale.

Is it all really worth it though?

The car is unquestionably a one of a kind unicorn, likely bought as an asset intended for dry storage and maybe one or two weekend drives before being flipped for an even higher price. But I still need to question this madness, yes it has a classic car status and this example is truly remarkable, but Supra while great was never an exotic and nor should it fetch such high prices. For that kind of money, you could buy a practically new Bentley, Aston Martin, or alternatively a few years old Ferrari or McLaren.

This McLaren MP4 12C is for sale on Autotrader for £97,950 with 6800 miles and full McLaren Service history, just £3,000 more than the Supra, and there are plenty going for a lot cheaper with under 10,000 miles

Of course, it's a free market and the price is ultimately set by the highest bidder, and I'm sure that whoever bought will end up happy with their pristine supra either enjoying it or more likely flipping it for a profit in near future. Well unless of course, the world comes to its senses and the highly inflated prices of R34's, Supra s etc will come down, although that's not likely.

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Comments (20)
  • I really can't stand modified cars, so I can relate to the buyer's views. The Supra is without any doubt superb, and because most of them were ruined by Fast and Furious fans it does make this one a real gem.

    10 months ago
    4 Bumps
  • As a violinist I understand the problem, because old Italian and French violins are sold for unbelievable prices. An original Stradivarius is worth several millions, and most other Italian violins of the same period are between €100.000 and €500.000. The same goes for cars. The Supra wasn't rare when it came out, but now it definitely is.

    10 months ago
    3 Bumps


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