Climate Crisis Solved

7 days ago


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Comments (131)

This isn't the answer but I like the picture and it's got a car and lots of weather in it

We 'motorists' are regularly punched about the head and keyfob in the climate change debate. I've had enough. We must make a stand. And I have the answer, the polish to bring much needed gleam to our tarnished image.

Everyone talks about the weather, all over the world. But the whole concept of discussing the weather was in fact started here in the UK. That's because the weather over here is crap. It's ruined picnics, track days and motorcycle tours for millennia but now it can be turned to the advantage of motoring enthusiasts everywhere. So let's focus not on the whole global climate trends issue, but instead on the more immediate and pressing issue of local weather forecasting.

We need to establish ourselves as players in the field of forecasting and build up a positive association between all things motoring and the weather. What we do is devise a new set of weather symbols and slowly integrate them with the usual little sun and rain symbols on weather maps. So yesterday's forecast here in rainy near-Wales would have been something like this:

Today it will be mostly ..

With a chance later of...

Today's, by contrast would be:

This morning it will be largely ...

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Later, turning ...

With a danger in some areas of ...

So if someone brighter and more tech-savvie than me would like to take those symbols - or make their own - and stick them on a weather map, we motorists shall soon be seen as positive players in the world of weather.

And here ends my Sunday nonsense for this week.

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Comments (131)
  • yh lol

    1 day ago
  • Is it true the British canceled the picnic, track days and motorcycle tours because of the bad weather? I always thought that it was a tradition, a special memory for tourists and even the British essence, to hold all the events accompanied by rain. Or are they too conservative and reasonable for that? I don't know how is it for real

    1 day ago
  • I know! You have to do a DriveTribe mini-forecaster of weather in all world with it's own symbols for all auto and moto people in main homepage (mmm... Maybe no... Maybe forecasts for UK only, in your homeland, could be better. It will give your British spirit for all. After that, we will be always know what you may to do at home :) ) Maybe this forecasts with some humor could bring a good mood for all? Or they could be usefull

    1 day ago
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  • Tht´s why I live in Spain

    4 days ago
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  • Now I've heard it all. The Brits are taking credit for talking about the weather. What's next? Great motoring shows?

    6 days ago
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