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We all have stories of that low budget beater that barely got us through college, or the daily driver that was so reliable it almost got you fired. Or maybe it did get you fired! Or maybe it ended in fire! Then there was your dad's first car. The one he never let you forget he had to sell when he had kids. It could have been a Jag E-type, or a Harley Knucklehead that was sold years ago for a mere couple hundred bucks. Heck, maybe you have never even seen a Tucker Torpedo in person, but the technology and story are fascinating to talk about.

Well, Here's your chance. Join us for a while, and tell your best tale of mechanical history. Just make sure to share a picture or two. "If there ain't no pictures, It never happened!"

I'll kick it off with a bit about the car above. "Abby Normal" was a 1970 VW Type 3 fastback I bought from a buddy of mine who closed his hot rod shop. It's Fuel injection system was out of sorts, but a few evenings of having fun had it up and running again. Over the 3 years I had it it got a rattle can flat black paint job of a quality that would have Earl Scheib turning over in his grave. It shed the bumpers, and traded the big wrap around front turn signals for the small bullet style lights in the picture. On the inside, there were C-130 cargo plane seat belts, and a Magic Hat Brewing beer tap for a shifter. In the true spirit of this car, absolutely no performance mods were done except the long-term, New York State road-salt weight reduction program that had reduced the mass of the rockers and floor pans by a good two thirds.

It was a fun car while it lasted. I took it to several shows, usually to the reaction of "What is it?" and even participated in a national event called the "Type 3 Invasion" where we ripped around Watkins Glen International raceway. Tires squealing for mercy around every corner we took at anything over a blistering 40 MPH. I also entered it in a gymkhana with similar results. Screeching tires, horribly unmaintained brakes locking up, all at record breaking slow speeds. At the end of it all Abby and I won the "Most unexpected" award. The pic in the header is the day at the gymkhana. In the end the gaping holes in the floors concerned me enough to send it down the road. It passed on to a friend of mine with a collection of air cooled VWs where it may get some loving, or it may donate its engine to other projects. Who knows!

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