CNC Turns A Solid Block Of Aluminum Into A Helmet!

1y ago


Most of us here love to see high quality machine work and industrial robots are now capable of extreme precision at high speed. But the crew from Daishin Seiki Corporation have decided to take it one step further and show the world what they can do a 5 axis CNC in their spare time.

Datum points

What starts as a solid block of aluminium is transformed into a piece of art in front of your eyes. Showing all the steps it takes to produce such a detailed finish, even though the video is only two and a half minutes long. It would definitely take a lot longer than that to produce this fine piece of art work.

Roughing excess material


Attention to detail

What isn't shown in this clip is what is involved to program the CNC (Computer numerical control) Mill. Whoever wrote the program would of spent days or even weeks behind the scene making sure all the kinks were ironed out and that the process was a smooth as possible.


Live read out

The work that can be done by these 5 axis CNC machines is unreal! In the right hands, they can make almost anything out of just a block of aluminium!