CNT Project car Profile: Cam's 1984 Porsche 911

This is as good a place as any, I suppose, to share a few photos of "Helga," my 1984 Porsche 911. Originally a Sport Package-equipped California car, it gradually made its way into the Midwest, though Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, and eventually to me in Ohio. When I bought it in March of 2013, it was nowhere near the right time for me to buy one, but I had a 944 to get rid of and I knew that if I waited much longer, an aircooled 911 might be out of reach forever.

The only time I drove this car in snow was the day I drove it home to Ohio, but this shot outside of my old shop was too good to resist.

The experience of finding and purchasing this car is another story for another time, so we'll just go over some hard facts for now. At some point soon before my ownership, it received a mediocre respray in the original color, Ruby Red Metallic, a "milimalist" interior (RS door panels and felt carpeting glued down with the weakest of spray adhesives), and a very nice Dansk exhaust. Apparently the 3.2l engine and 915 gearbox were rebuilt - a dubious claim without receipts to back it up.

This used to be my phone background. For like two years.

The current state of the project is having each removable body panel replicated in carbon fiber by a firm in Michigan, before having the wiring harness rebuilt and the interior finished with a vintage stereo installation. I have a very specific vision for the interior and I'm excited to reach that state of the project - but watching my car become gradually overtaken by lightweight carbon is a lot of fun, too. While the car runs and drives, it's not much fun in its current state, with no interior to speak of, no headlights (smoke pours out from the dash when you turn them on), and a single seat. Expect more updates soon as the project progresses!

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