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Code Red: There Is A Manual 2020 Supra

4w ago


Toyota refuses to make a manual Supra, so fans have made the transmission the sticking point of the Supra. However, there's still hope. Hope in the form of the European Auto Group. These guys have a knack for making incredible auto-to-manual conversions. They've produced Ferrari 458 manuals, gated manual 430's, etc. But lately, they've been checking out the 2020 Supra.

I​n an exclusive interview with 'Carbuzz', European Auto Group's owner spilled the news that the manual Supra was in progress and that they're taking orders right now.

B​ut, EAG's owner also gave more info: to get the swap, you'll have to give up $12,000, as well as your Supra, for a time span of 30-40 days. For a $6,000 downpayment, EAG promises that this won't be a jerry-rigged system designed by some hair-brained scientist named William Storey, instead, it'll be a BMW sourced gearbox, and one designed for the Supra's engine so that everything is reliable and runs smoothly. A​lthough, it'd better run smoothly, as the swap voids the warranty completely and thoroughly.

E​AG offers a power boost and aero upgrade alongside the manual box as an option, which boasts anywhere from 420-430 hp, while the new aero features extra carbon all over, as well as a body kit.


E​AG aims to make the shifter akin to the one in the Toyota GR HV Concept, with a flip-up top on the shifter, only with a sport button underneath the cover, rather than a start/stop button.

T​his is proof of a brighter future for the manual gearbox. As manufacturers phase it out, it'll never really die. There will always be a small brand that makes manual versions of mainstream cars. Perhaps the death of the mainstream stick shift will bring these brands into the spotlight, or perhaps it will become a novelty item, and create a greater appreciation for the once-common form of shifting gears. Either way, there's one thing for sure: this is merely a new chapter for the manual. Certainly not the end of the book.