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    A shooting brake-style VW Corrado Magnum, a unicorn among the brand

    4y ago


    Prototypes can be seen as unicorns since prototypes seldomly are sold to the public, let alone only producing a very limited number of prototypes. Nevertheless, in rare occasions, prototypes shows up such as this Corrado Magnum, and only two were sold publicly!

    It is believed that this shooting brake-style VW Corrado Magnum is the second rarest version of VW cars in the 1980-90 era.

    Supposedly, Volkswagen intended to produce around 200 units and the project was passed along to Marold Automobili GmbH to fulfill this project. Eventually, Volkswagen decided against the Magnum project and never carried out the project.

    See under for more photos of this rare unicorn

    Source and the full story here:

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