Col de la Bonette

2.862 meters above sea level

This is the big one in two ways. First the second highest road in Europe and second I was excited the most about this one. It began with the usally filling up the cars with fresh 98 octan fuel. It was a Thursday morning, so not much traffic at least we expected that. The drive up has many fast corners, some hairpins which remainds us to the Stelvio pass, too narrow with almost no visibility. We had to overtake some motorhomes but this was no problem. The road is very wide for a mountain pass. The usual cyclist are also not missing.

You come across some stunning scenery and buildings like an old fort and a some bunker's. The weather was at least sunny but on the top it was very windy and some rocks are on the last kilometers on the road. So you need to be careful.

Go for the small detour to reach the real top of the mountain. Park your car and walk to the top and enjoy the nice view.

The way down on the other side towards Nice is pretty good. Especially when we reached the vally, nice scenary as well. Everything looked different than the stuff in Switzerland, Austria, etc.

So, the Col de la Bonette is now one of our favorite passes.

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