- Top of the Col des Champs

Col de la Cayolle, d'Allos, des Champs and back to Germany

This was the rest of our trip

After the awesome Col de la Bonette we headed south and then east towards Guillaumes. The road was a nice twisty bit with almost everything you want from a nice driving road with one exceptions the width of the road in some sections. At least the view is nice there. We didn't stop for nice photos cause of no good spots. I took some photos from the video's for you. Sorry for the bad quality.

It is very depressing to drive through the skiing towns at this time of the year. It is like a ghost town there. Anyway we had still the whole afternoon, so the plan was to drive a circle and back to the hotel.

First up was the Col de la Cayolle. Unfortunately it began to rain, so we took it easy. The pass doesn't look like much fun anyways. We met some sheep on the way. The cars were fine after that, no need to worry.

We continue our drive and found a spot for some real photos.

Towards to the top it was like the Stelvio again, hairpins with no visibility so be carful. We drove to Barcelonnette because the cars needed a drink. It still was raining. So went straight to the Col d'Allos. This on you can scratch from the list of good driving roads. Maybe in the dry it is better but I don't think so. Some pics from the video file, again sorry for the bad quality.

Back to Guillaumes over the Col des Champs which was more like an adventure road than a driving road. You drive up through a forest on a very small road and near the top there are a lot of bumps. Hope you don't meet other drivers who don't know the width of their cars... you drive along and I thought when will it end. Not so much fun. Again, some pictures from the video I took.

We don't recommend to drive these three passes, not worth to do a detour for it. Anyway, we went for the hotel. This was the end of our tour but the drive back home was very long. About 1.200 kilometers for me and mostly French motorway and German Autobahn. So we planned to go back to Switzerland and stay another night there.

We drove from Guillaumes to the bottom of the Grimselpass. We drove only country roads. So we went again over the Col de la Cayolle because we had to. Still not much fun. Towards the Lac de Serre-Ponçon and up north on the N94 and D1091 until we reached the Col de Galibier again. The navsystem told us to go over it. Yeah, finally some nice driving.

Still going north side by side to the French motorway until we reached Switzerland north of the Mont Blanc. After over 500 Kilometeres we arrived at the hotel. The next day we stopped for some fuel and drove over the Grimselpass, this time with no fog. A quick stop for some photos with temperature below 0° Celsius.

Again over the Sustenpass, we had not much traffic and opened up the throttle a little bit. The traffic warning on the nav system was a little bit worrying. It said there was snow on the road near the top. We tried our chances and we still went up. There was no snow at all on the road ...

Snow covered road warning

Snow covered road warning

We went back down to the Swiss motorway and had a chilled drive until we reached Germany. The German Autobahn is pure hell compared to Switzerland. I will go into detail later ... anyway after several hours we reached our starting point and filled up the cars. We did over 2.600 kilometers in six days.

Let's compare the fuel economy on both engines. The boardcomputer is not very accurate, as you may know. We write down everything. The more real values are the following.

140i (B58) - 10.2 l/100km | 23,06 mpg (us) | 27,69 mpg (uk)

235i (N55) - 10,5 l/100km | 22,39 mpg (us) | 26,90 mpg (uk)

Overall it was the best trip to the alps so far. We enjoyed it very much.

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    • We used this site but sometimes you have to experince the roads for yourself. Then you know for sure if you like it and if the road is good for your style of driving and the car you are using. So we're trying to test new roads we never been on. Of...

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        3 years ago
    • I know planned now 2 trips and both included txs to Google maps lots of dangerous routes..but I like the site it's great for inspiration. .! Just myself I know that it's work I drove alone in 6 days only 3500 km and in Italy the same..😂so i am not...

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