Col du Galibier

2.645 meters above sea level

After the Col de I'lseran we went for the Col du Galibier. The weather cleared up on the way down from the Col de I'lseran, finally some sunshine again. On the way we stopped at the Fort Victor-Emmanuel and took some quick photos.

Countryroads in France are very fun to drive, no stupid speed limit in corners like in Germany to 50km/h or lower... Soon we reached the bottom of the Col du Galibier. The first part is a very wide road with good pavement. a lot of different corners with some sections where you can start the overtake of slower cars. Afters some kilometers you reach a skiingtown, afters that the final stretch to the top starts. It takes about 15 minutes to reach the top. Depending of the traffic and so on. The road is kind of okisch to the top. You get every kind of corners there to. No real slow hairpins which is a good thing. You can go up in a constant flow. This is now one of our favorite pass.

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