- The new addition to @gercollector's garage!

Collecting My Friend's New McLAREN SENNA!

Taking delivery of a brand new McLaren Senna!

2y ago

By Tim Burton

I joined my friend @gercollector to collect his brand new McLaren Senna! The hype is seriously real for my Senna that's also due in a few months, but for now we headed to McLaren Munich to pick up the latest addition to his magnificent garage.

Kicking off from the garage we jump into my AMG GT R for the short drive over to McLaren Munich where his car awaits, amusingly sitting alongside @muc.collector's Senna too! Pulling back the covers the spec is revealed as Abyss Black with blue accents for the aero blades, calipers, door struts and even the paintwork is loaded with blue metallic flake. In very special and unusual circumstances due to the car having literally just arrived at the dealership it was still in 'transport mode' which means the lift system stays up. Normally the car would have full preparation before being lowered down but for now we take it home to the garage before it will return for full Pre-Delivery preparation.

It's always great to catch up with @gercollector, so please do follow him on Instagram for all the latest garage updates and more from his travels: instagram.com/gercollector

And of course, don't forget @muc.collector's amazing carbon Senna! instagram.com/muc.collector

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