​Collecting my new car and driving it for the first time

T​hank YOU for choosing this colour. I love it!

1y ago

Y​ou may remember a few months ago I asked for your help. I couldn't decide what colour to have the interior of my new car trimmed, so I carried out a poll here on DriveTribe and left it up to you.

T​he response was amazing, with other 150k of you voting! On the first day the results were moving towards red, which suddenly made me want blue. I was with James in Madagascar at the time and we secretly plotted to try and get you all to vote for blue.

M​ay's not so subtle attempt to sway you

M​ay's not so subtle attempt to sway you

M​y even less subtle attempt

M​y even less subtle attempt

D​espite our attempts, you would not be swayed – red was winning from the start right until the poll closed. And as I'm a man of my word, red it is.

I cannot thank you enough for choosing it, it was definitely the right decision. We filmed the reveal and I think you'll see from my reaction just how happy I am with the finished result.

If you think you can make it look better you can have a go on the configurator that I used to make my motor. I challenge you to make a cooler looking car – have a go and post your versions in the comments and I'll tell you what I think!

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