As a petrolhead, I've always had interested in movies related to cars, its soundtrack. With movies, you can really transmit the sensation of driving. The movements, the interior, the sounds. The teacher for the workshop said we had to create a videoclip that referenced something that defined us. And what else defined me more than cars?


1969 Italian Job Lamborghini Miura Sequence

I've decided to separate movie scenes from movies that I liked from the 1970's and I came across two titles. The original Italian Job from 1969 and the 1976 french short film C'était Un Rendez-Vous. The first capture a man driving his Lamborghini Miura through the Alps, up until he enters a tunnel and hits a tractor, dying instantenely. Not a very good end of the story for cruising around in your car.

1976 C'était Un Rendez-Vous shows a man desperate to meet his date

Although filmed using a Mercedes Benz, the film is intended to show a man in a V12 Ferrari speeding through the streets of Paris to meet his date early in the morning. He goes through the wrong way, red lights and even on the sidewalk, desperate to arrive on time. In the end, he goes out of the car and hugs his date. The film is used in the "Open Your Eyes" videoclip of Snow Patrol.

A Jag in London

The objective was to create a new storyline using new clips with the old Italian Job sequence, but focusing more with the driving, not the car. In the end he would eventually meet the girl, and, to give a better story ending, what they would do next after they've met? Also I wanted to give the perfect atmosphere for the clip.

One of Cool & Vintage videoclips

I wanted to use real life footage, as I it increases the reality of the feeling of driving. There is a Portuguese dealership that has some amazing footage of videoclips from its classic cars for sale. I really like those videos. I really like those Portuguese girls. So I separated some of them to create the storyline, mixed with the Italian Job sequence to create a videoclip that really represented me. A person who is passionate about driving any type of car. Just cruising around with good music.

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This was the final result!