Hello, dear friends! And this is my short BMW Story, began in 2014.

14.02.2014, St.Valentine`s day. Very symbolically, cause we have a real love for all this time.

14.02.2014, St.Valentine`s day. Very symbolically, cause we have a real love for all this time.

I was 21. That moment I had Volvo 960 `1992. It was awfull, so I wanted to buy another one. I was looking for a good offer good offer for 1.5 months, but my good friend told me: "You need to return to BMW". By that time I had an expierence with few e23. So I knew something about them.

My first steps were: new technical fluids (for lots of years i use only 10-60 fully synth for any engine), changing rusty driver`s door and hood, new brakes, Alpina Deco-set and BBS TRX rims on Michelin TRX 200/60 390. The rest is not needed, Nika was in really good condition, without interference with bad hands and original 227tkm.

Then were my favourite rims, Ronal-Hartge. I`ve watched for them for 5 years!

7.5J Front and 8.5J Rear

7.5J Front and 8.5J Rear

So I finished the season 2014. I arrived in 2015. This year I created a visual replica of the racing BMW 530 e12 "Garage du Bac". And installed original Hella Yellow (my dream since childhood to have BMW from France).

And in February 2016 i`ve started full resroration. Exterior: original paint Colorado 002, new moldings, bumpers. Interior: fully stock MarinenBlau with A.S.S. 4/01/S driver`s seat (Marinen Blau original velour made by myself). Absolute new suspention with Kayaba Excel-G shocks and H&R -40mm springs. Completely my idea - M30B34 with early intake, L-Jet, 273 cam and M5 e34 exhaust manifold. And some other secret mods :)

We made Nika for 12x12=144 days. Coincidence? I do not think so. Spent more than 25k euros. But it`s worth it, every cent! She brings me joy every day. Lots of people likes on the roads and streets. Anyone who looks at her, smiles. One little girl said, that my car is a piece of sun :)

After rebuilt we are already 15tkm together. Yes, there are still things to do, Nika is finished only for 85%, but now I can say with confidence, that I`ve made unique car: Comfort, dynamic and juicy-lookin almost a full standard e12. And really-really fast :)

P.S. Sorry for my bad english :)

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